Today I was back again at Vesta Street in Manchester. Despite it being a rather bleak day with hardly any foot traffic I did still meet some extraordinary people. I met Prince. Prince is originally from South Africa, having moved to Manchester about fifteen years ago. At the age of thirty he now works as […]


Today I was back at Vesta street in Manchester and I thought I’d discovered everything in that vicinity. Upon further inspection of the gates on lock number 3 was an inscription that said 1870kg. That’s per gate. It gives you an idea of just how big and strong these gates really are…and how much they […]

Home Made Laundry Liquid

An alternative to store bought washing liquid without the use of harsh chemicals. Safer on your clothes and body. Safe for use on the canal eco-system.

Read The Label : Demystifying Body Wash

When was the last time you read the back label of a product you purchased? And when was the last time you looked up the ingredients used in that product? As I continue to explore the possibility of living off-grid, so too does my interest in leading a more chemical free existence. Before I get […]

Winter Is Coming

Well, I think I’ve felt the start of winter today with the mercury plummeting to just 1C this morning when I left for work. By 9am it was just 3C. It was cold enough for this Aussie to don my leather and lambswool hat. I wore two merino base layers plus my fleece and raincoat. […]