Touring the States

My significant other is currently traveling for work in the United States. I spoke to him last night. He’s having the time of his life because the products his company sell are used by all the breweries and distilleries in America. He’s been to over 8 cities in 2 weeks. To my astonishment, and I […]

Life On Water: A Boat Buyers Guide

A couple of months ago, I setup another site called All I Can Afford. It’s a website dedicated to those who are looking for an alternative life on the water. For 2 years, I’ve researched everything about narrowboats, hulls, engines, water pressure, alternative power, batteries and toilets…yes toilets, which I spent about 3 months learning […]

That Stupid Bloody Boater

A hire boater undid the paddles but forgot to close the gates on the opposite end of the lock. He only realised when I spotted the situation and told him. Lucky I know how locks work. If I hadn’t intervened, he would have drained the entire pound, pictured. After that he came over to thank […]

The People of Manchester

Meeting and greeting people is what I do. And I’m good at it because I’m engaged, genuine, honest and I love meeting new, interesting people and having a chat. And I love canals and want to ensure they have a future in British society so as well as actually being a Friend of the Canal […]

New Islington, Manchester

New Islington in Manchester is a new hub of development in the city with apartments going up each side of the Ashton and Rochdale canals.