Home Made Laundry Liquid

An alternative to store bought washing liquid without the use of harsh chemicals. Safer on your clothes and body. Safe for use on the canal eco-system.

Read The Label : Demystifying Body Wash

When was the last time you read the back label of a product you purchased? And when was the last time you looked up the ingredients used in that product? As I continue to explore the possibility of living off-grid, so too does my interest in leading a more chemical free existence. Before I get […]

Life On Water: A Boat Buyers Guide

A couple of months ago, I setup another site called All I Can Afford. It’s a website dedicated to those who are looking for an alternative life on the water. For 2 years, I’ve researched everything about narrowboats, hulls, engines, water pressure, alternative power, batteries and toilets…yes toilets, which I spent about 3 months learning […]

Home Made Shampoo v1

As I prepare myself for life on the water, so does my inclination to lead a more natural, chemical free, alternative lifestyle, with more nutritious, organic foods, using ingredients which are kinder to both my body and the canal eco-system. In addition to making jam, I’ve taken an interest in making my own shampoo and […]

Starting Over

When we arrived in Britain, we had no possessions of any kind.  What didn’t fit into one suitcase didn’t come with us. We didn’t really have the money to buy a full lounge suite or even a 2nd hand lounge…so I made one. And besides, it’s more complicated and expensive to travel or relocate the […]

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the reason I made the decision to move to Britain. Just before we immigrated, we went to Asia first. Until this trip, I had seen New Zealand and New Caledonia, smaller trips I did when I was a lot younger but it wasn’t until I visited Bali, that I caught the travel bug. […]

Australia: An Essential Guide

Australia is a very old country dating back 40,000 years at the time of native Aboriginal settlement. British settlement dates back just 230 years. It’s also a very large country in terms of land mass. To put it into perspective, the entire land mass of the UK will fit inside the area of Australia 31 […]

Blogging On The Go

Given how much travel I’m doing around Britain, I took the plunge and bought a Chromebook. It’s essentially a scaled down laptop designed for people on the go. It allows me to write in my blog wherever I am in the world without having to carry around a conventional and heavy laptop. One of the […]

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

With a worldwide reputation for producing steel products, Sheffield is a popular South Yorkshire town located at the foothills of the Peak District National Park. A visit to any town isn’t complete without seeing at least one museum and this trip was no different. I learned about the towns’ industrial heritage, of this former coal […]

York – As old as the Romans

If you want British history, York is a must see. Founded by the Ancient Romans, around 70A.D. York has lasted the test of time and today, its a bustling mecca as people from all over the world come to marvel at the centuries of history. After experiencing rush hour on late Friday afternoon trains in […]

The Lake District

A trip to Britain is not complete without an excursion to the famous Lake District made famous by children’s author and illustrator Beatrix Potter. We drove up on Friday night after work, the trip taking about 2.5 hours. We stayed just north of Lake Thirlmere – in a pub called The Kings Head. It was […]

Cruising The Cut

I first discovered the canals in a childhood fantasy story called Wind in the Willows. It was recorded on cassette tape. The story was so beautifully produced with a narration so convincing that 40 years later, I still have the image of the washer woman telling Toad off about his dishwashing skills. However, of course, […]


Today I was back again at Vesta Street in Manchester. Despite it being a rather bleak day with hardly any foot traffic I did still meet some extraordinary people. I met Prince. Prince is originally from South Africa, having moved to Manchester about fifteen years ago. At the age of thirty he now works as […]


Today I was back at Vesta street in Manchester and I thought I’d discovered everything in that vicinity. Upon further inspection of the gates on lock number 3 was an inscription that said 1870kg. That’s per gate. It gives you an idea of just how big and strong these gates really are…and how much they […]

Winter Is Coming

Well, I think I’ve felt the start of winter today with the mercury plummeting to just 1C this morning when I left for work. By 9am it was just 3C. It was cold enough for this Aussie to don my leather and lambswool hat. I wore two merino base layers plus my fleece and raincoat. […]